Depression or Hypothyroidism?

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I’ve been to every doctor, been put on so many drugs. I was convinced I had, treatment resistant depression. The doctors, and many visits to the E.R, left me dumbfounded with no answers.

As time went on, I became more and more depressed. I felt out of sorts, and uncomfortable in my own skin. I looked into ketamine treatments, MAOI inhibitors, even electric shock treatment, in a desperate effort to find some relief, especially, from the never ending depression!

Years earlier, I had gone through, estrangement from my adult children. To say this put me into a deep state of mourning, is putting it mild. I deeply mourned the rejection from my adult children. I’m sure this did not help matters but as time went on, I realized it was something more.

After years of depression, ongoing visits to the E.R, and more visits to doctors than I can remember, my symptoms still didn’t go away, instead they got worse! I had non-stop itching, non stop fatigue, I was bloated from head to toe. My belly was so big, it was smashing my lungs and I could barely breathe. I broke out under my skin with purple bruises, that covered my fore arms, I looked like a monster! If that wasn’t enough I started losing my hair, and getting terrible burning pain between my breast bone.

It never entered my mind it could be my thyroid, because I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism years ago, and put on Levothyroxine. From that point on my, thyroid tests were regularly taken, and always would return normal.

Synthroid and Levothyroxine are synthetic thyroid drugs. Synthroid came on the market in 1955 and Levothyroxine 1927, it was the first of the synthetic thyroid drugs, made available on the market. Through the 1800’s, up until 1927, desiccated thyroid extract, made from the glands of sheep, and later pigs were used to aid in hypothyroidism. There has been no new thyroid drugs invented since Synthroid came onto the market.

The health of ones thyroid gland is essential, primarily because it is responsible for the vitality of almost every organ in your body. Without your thyroid functioning properly, every organ in your body is severely compromised. Left untreated, the symptoms can become unbearable and eventually lead to death. Its truly scary, because I was not only on thyroid replacement drugs, I was being tested regularly with results that showed my thyroid was fine.

The problem is, the desperately needed T3 hormones are absent in the synthetic hormone replacement drugs, such as Synthroid & Levothyroxine. The synthetic drugs are only made up of one type of hormone, T4. Therefore, it is up to your body to generate T3, in order to quench your thyroids need for this desperately, needed hormone. This may work for people with mild thyroid dysfunction, but leaves millions of people still suffering from the debilitating symptoms, hypothyroidism is known to have on the body. In order for the thyroid to function properly, it’s imperative, the essential T3 hormones are delivered into your body at the cellular level. This just isn’t the case with synthetic hormone replacements.

I stopped going to doctors because I was put on so many different drugs. I was even taking drugs, to combat the side effects of the drugs I was initially prescribed. The symptoms continued to grow, until I finally wound up in the hospital. I had burning in my esophagus that wouldn’t heal, and I was in horrible pain. Even then, they only treated the symptoms, and in spite of the multiple tests, they still failed to diagnose my thyroid!

I finally went to a holistic doctor who immediately diagnosed my hypothyroidism! She put me Armour- a natural hormone replacement, and told me I must change my lifestyle. She recommended I look into The Hypothyroidism Solution, a program created by, Blue Heron Health. Their program boasts that you will no longer need any thyroid drugs, when you start their program! I must say, I’m very satisfied with their program, however, I’m not ready to stop taking the Armour, simply because of the amazing results I have had.

I incorporated Armour, The Hypothyroidism Solution, meditation, and brain entrainment sound therapy, all around the same time. I feel as though I could be fine without thyroid medicine, however, my results have been so dramatic, I don’t want to change a thing. I truly feel God has lead me in this direction, and given me a new lease on life. The weight is falling off, my depression is non-existent, and my symptoms have primarily dissipated! The few symptoms that remain are barely noticeable.

For more information, here is a link to my review of The Hypothyroidism Solution, and here is a post that defines what Hashimoto’s is and how it leads to Hypothyroidism. I will be providing more free resources, please subscribe to my blog so I can keep you posted.

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